DIY Chinese Coin Beaded Necklace from

Cheryl made this Chinese coin necklace with just a few products from  For this necklace, Cheryl combined our Chinese coin charms with green glass beads and a braided neck cord for a colorful exotic necklace.   #diy #necklace #handmade #Chinese #coin #neckcord #seaglass #red #green  For instructions, clickable supply list & links, read on!


DIY Chinese Coin Beaded Necklace from

or your favorite round glass beads in green
To make it:
  1. First Cheryl made lots of dangles with sea glass round beads on ball end head pins.
  2. Then she joined a couple of coins together for a center focal point.
  3. She then attached the Chinese coins and the beaded dangles to the braided neck cord with jump rings threaded though the braid of the neck cord.

So simple.  Ready for wearing and / or giving!

You can easily change out the look of this necklace by switching color of the neck cord and the color of the glass beads.

Supplies you’ll need with clickable links from



About the designer: Cheryl Satterlee

Meet Cheryl!
She is a very talented multi-tasking mom and grandmom who we all have the great pleasure of working with at . She helps us with everything ~ from packing your orders, picking your freebies, to making sure our inventory behaves and everything in-between! When she is not babysitting her grandchildren you will find her pet-sitting, cooking, baking, beading and creating!

Thanks always and happy creating from all of the busy crafters at!


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