DIY Blue White Porcelain Beaded Chinese Coin Bracelet from

Cheryl made this pretty blue white porcelain beaded charm bracelet with just a few supplies from  She combined our  Chinese Coin Charms with Porcelain Beads and Sea Glass Seed Beads on a chain bracelet base for a colorful exotic piece.   #diy #bracelet #handmade #Chinese #coin #neckcord #seaglass #blue #white  For instructions, clickable supply list & links, read on!


How to make it:

Supplies you’ll need

with clickable links from

On Sale

On Sale $.99
Was: $3.99


About the designer: Cheryl Satterlee

Meet Cheryl!
She is a very talented multi-tasking mom and grandmom who we all have the great pleasure of working with at . She helps us with everything ~ from packing your orders, picking your freebies, to making sure our inventory behaves and everything in-between! When she is not babysitting her grandchildren you will find her pet-sitting, cooking, baking, beading and creating!

Thanks always and happy creating from all of the busy crafters at!


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