DIY Porcelain Beaded Twist Necklace from

DIY twisted bead necklace tutorial from
Mix and twist! Anne used 4 kinds of beads (porcelainglassseed and pearls) from to create this lovely statement necklace in subdued blues and greens. Using our white sea glass beads focuses all the attention on the gorgeous mixed bead strands.   #diygifts #handmade  #beading #crafts #diy #diynecklace #etsy

materials you will need

How to Make It

Cut three pieces of tiger tail; one the length of the finished necklace plus extra (about 5 inches) to work with, and two shorter ones for the twisted strands plus extra.

String your main beads and crimp beads in the center of the long piece of tiger tail. Here Anne used our Porcelain Twisted Ovals. You need a crimp bead on each end of the long strand for each strand of twisted beads. Here Anne used two twisted strands so there are two crimp beads on either side of the last bead on each end of the long strand.

String your other beads on the shorter lengths of tiger tail. Leaving empty tiger tail on either end.

Thread 3 different bead styles on 3 tiger tail strands
Thread 3 different bead styles on 3 tiger tail strands

Insert one end of one of the shorter strands of beads into a crimp bead on the longest string and crimp. Repeat, at the same end of the main strand, for the other short strand.


DIY twisted bead necklace tutorial from
Snug the beads against the crimp beads, twist short strands, and attach at other end.

Snug the beads on all strands against the crimped beads and twist the shorter strands around the long strands to get the look you want. While they are twisted repeat the crimping process to attach these ends of the twisted strands to the main strand.

DIY twisted bead necklace tutorial from
Cover the crimped beads with attractive beads.

Slip a large holed bead over the crimp beads on either end of the strung beads. Anne used our 1504R bali beads. Our bali bead caps would also work.

String beach glass on tiger tail to complete necklace length and attach toggle as shown below.

Enjoy your beautiful new necklace!

All supplies mentioned below can be found at

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About the Designer: Anne Strasser


Meet Anne!  The Queen of Glue, she is the ultimate multi-tasker. She does all kinds of things for us at Writing. Creating. Blogging. Gluing things to things. More creating. Packing. Taking care of our wonderful customers, of course! When she’s not here, she’s out and about writing, creating, gluing things to things, blogging, gardening, making websites and taking care of her family.


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