DIY Memory Wire Sea Glass Crystal Bracelet from

cjsbeachbalimembrac10Cheryl created this gorgeous new Sea Glass, Bali and Crystal #beaded #memory-wire #wrap-bracelet with supplies from   Memory wire is so versatile, especially for bracelets.   ‪#‎sea‬glass  ‪#‎beads‬ ‪#beading #‎bali‬beads  ‪#‎crystal‬beads  ‪#‎bracelet ‬‪#‎jewelry‬ #tutorial #handmade #etsy #memory-wire #jewelrymaking #diyjewelry #diybracelet #ecrafty #crafty

For easy instructions, a 20% instant savings #coupon, and clickable supplies list read on!

DIY Memory Wire Sea Glass Crystal Bracelet from


How to make it:

  1. Cut the memory wire to the length you need.  You can have just one, or 2-3 coils, like Cheryl’s bracelet shown here, or many coils as in the sample at the bottom of this post.
  2. Finish one end of the memory wire by bending the wire around the tip of your round nose pliers.
  3. Make about 30 dangles of sea glass, glass pearls or crystal rondelles on head pins with a simple loop at the top.  Use small bali bead caps on some of the pearl dangles and silver spacer beads on others.
  4. Now the fun part!  Started to thread the sea glass beads onto the memory wire in a random pattern with some bali scroll tubes in among the sea glass.
  5. After about 8-10 sea glass beads are on the memory wire, add a series of dangles with the bali scroll tubes in between.  This gives the dangle clusters room to move.
  6. Add more sea glass rounds and bali scroll beads to finish to the length you’d like.
  7. When you are done adding beads, make another loop at the end.

To cut memory wire, you want to use OLD or heavy duty wire cutters, or use specially made memory wire cutters, not your good flush cutters.

To finish the ends: Bend the raw end around one open side of your round nosed pliers with a second set of pliers in your opposite hand.

You can easily change out the look of this bracelet by switching the bead color.

Supplies and clickable links used in this post – all available at ECRAFTY.COM:

 Sea Glass with Bird Bead Memory Wire Bracelet
About the designer:

Meet Cheryl!
She is a very talented multi-tasking mom and grandmom who we all have the great pleasure of working with at . She helps us with everything ~ from packing your orders, picking your freebies, to making sure our inventory behaves and everything in-between! When she is not babysitting her grandchildren you will find her pet-sitting, cooking, baking, beading and creating!


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