DIY 10 Ideas for Fun Fillables with Treasure Boxes from

DIY Treasure Boxes
DIY Fillable Treasure and Gift Boxes from Embellished with nail polish, craft paint, epoxy domes, metal filigree charms

Let your imagination run wild with our round mini bead boxes, SKU 650F!  Anne has been having WAY too much fun with them, again! They are perfect for lots of decorative treatments and can be used as:

  1. Gift wrap boxes
  2. Treasure boxes
  3. Tooth fairy boxes
  4. Personalized pill boxes
  5. Lip gloss containers
  6. Earring boxes
  7. Countdown calendars
  8. Wedding favors
  9. Spice holders
  10. Fillable pendants (add bails) – see second section below and our related blog post here for more fun fillable creations.

I’m sure you can think of lots of other ideas! Here are a few treatments that range from simple to ornate. Anne used beads, stamped metal, acrylic and glass domes, downloadable art as well as nail polish, sharpies, and craft paint. #jewelrysupplies #beads #diy #handmade #jewelry #etsy #christmas #gifts #snowglobe #jewelrybox

Treasure box idea from

Treasure box idea from Monogram Printable and Epoxy Dome

Treasure Box Idea from eCrafty Using Stamped Metal and Nail Polish

DIY Painted Treasure BoxDIY Personalized Treasure Box





Supplies (all available from Page links and prices below:

On Sale

On Sale $.99
Price: $2.99

About the Designer: Anne Strasser


Meet Anne!  The Queen of Glue, she is the ultimate multi-tasker. She does all kinds of things for us at Writing. Creating. Blogging. Gluing things to things. More creating. Packing. Taking care of our wonderful customers, of course! When she’s not here, she’s out and about writing, creating, gluing things to things, blogging, gardening, making websites and taking care of her family.

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