DIY Love in a Bottle XOXO Wedding Favors from

Look at this sweet wedding favor idea Anne created! She used’s wooden alphabet beads SKU 1216D and our mini bottles SKU 1200V to create these adorable wedding favors. She likes the 1200V mini bottle size because of how well they stand up even with the weight of our “Follow Your Heart” SKU 1211 charm on them.

amhsxoxoweddingbottles4 amhsxoxoweddingbottles1

She added the metal charm to the top of the cork with one of our mini eye screws SKU 1206A. Now she’s thinking about adding crystal or a love bead SKU 633f or a “Live Laugh Love” SKU 1475G charm.

The alphabet beads fit very snugly through the opening and come with multiple copies of each letter so initials would work too. If you want lots of Xs and Os, you could customize them using either paint or small round stickers as for Scrabble tile jewelry or nail art.

If you want to add a dangle from the top of the bottle, you will need eye screws, SKU 1206E, jump rings and possibly head pins depending on your design. For example, you could add some of our crystals or pearls in the wedding colors.

Make your own with these supplies and product links ~ all items available from by clicking the pictures below.

Price: $3.99


About the Designer: Anne Strasser


Meet Anne!  The Queen of Glue, she is the ultimate multi-tasker. She does all kinds of things for us at Writing. Creating. Blogging. Gluing things to things. More creating. Packing. Taking care of our wonderful customers, of course! When she’s not here, she’s out and about writing, creating, gluing things to things, blogging, gardening, making websites and taking care of her family.


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