DIY Blossoms & Branches Springtime Bracelet Recipe from

Let the warm weather and sunshine inspire you to make a Spring Flower Blossoms & Branches Garden Charm Bracelet. It is light, delicate, and moves with you, reminding you of the beauty and vitality of nature. Using just a few jewelry making supplies from, it is quick and easy to make. For instructions and a very short supply list, read on!


DIY Blossoms & Branches Charm Bracelet Recipe from

Note: This makes a 8 1/2″ finished bracelet as shown above. Add or remove charms and/or links to adjust length.

Supplies from Just 4 items!

  1. To make it:
  2. Connect 3 of the 5mm jump rings together, inserting the flower charm in the middle ring. Make 5 sets of these connecting rings.
  3. Tip: Using jewelry pliers to hold the jump rings as you connect them will make this step fast and easy.
  4. 2.  Now connect the leaf branch connector bar to one end of the set of jump rings made in step one. Be sure to connect the branch so the curve is the direction you want, and the flower is dangling on the bottom.
  5. 3.  Connect another leaf branch connector to the other side of the set of 5mm jump rings. Be sure that the flower is dangling on the bottom.
  6. 4. Repeat this step until your bracelet is almost the length you want.
  7. 5. Add one jump ring on one end.
  8. 6. Add a jump ring, then lobster claw clasp on the other end of the bracelet.
  9. You’re done!
  10. tbblossombranchesbrac1
  11. You can easily change out the look of this bracelet by using different charms, such as birds, leaves, hearts or angels.
  1. About the designer: Tracy Beardsley
  2. Tracy is a fine artist and a certified Japanese Kimekomi Doll Maker. She enjoys working at eCrafty, and working with all the crazy staff there.
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