News, DIYs + 99 Cent Sale + 20% Savings Code JAN2015

From Here’s our latest News & DIYs issue with 20% savings code JAN2015, Save 50% (HALF!) on orders $100 plus with savings checkout code HALF2015. Combine with our .99 cent sale for some huge savings!


This issue has DIY links for Anne’s cute Key to My Heart Mini Bottle Necklace and Cheryl’s Beach Glass and Porcelain Linking Ring Bracelet. Steal of the Week: 10 Charms “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History” only .99 cents! See full issue here: #diy #beads #crafts #99centsale#diyjewelry #jewelrysupplies #beading #beaders #diycrafts#bulkcrafts #bulkbeads #ecrafty #dollarsale #sale #coupons#craftcoupons If you’d like to get our DIYs and COUPON CODES in your inbox, go to







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