DIY Instant Personalized Keychains with KITS from

It is EASY to INSTANTLY create your own personalized keychain with just 1 easy kit from! No liquids, glues or sealers! No drying time! That’s OUR kind of craft! 🙂

Our keychains and keychain kits make great quick gifts – personalize them with your children’s art, a monogram, a family photo, scrapbook paper, etc.  They are available as individual kits, or in 10 packs, here.

Make gifts in a flash with instant Key Chain kits from Shown here: 794J-10pack – makes TEN frame key chains – each holds TWO 1″ square photos, front and back.


The instant option shown above uses our 794J 2-sided photo keychain kit ~ it comes with clear permanent double sided adhesive film to stick your art to the base, and 2 square adhesive clear epoxy domes – peel n stick one to front, one to back, you have a very cute personalized gift in very little time!

Every kit comes with our 800P Peel n Stick Double Sided Jewelry Adhesive Strips and either our 803N Clear Epoxy Domes or our 801Z Instant Laminating Film! No liquid sealers necessary! Read on!

We also have 1 x 1.5″ rectangular roped edged keychain kits below ~ in either bright silver or antique silver finishes. Look what Anne whipped up recently with our 1228A-KIT Keychain Kit!

Make gifts in a flash with instant Key Chain kits from Shown here: 1228A or 1228B-10pack – makes TEN frame key chains – each holds a 1 x 1.5″ rectangular photo.


It’s a toss up who is cuter – Anne’s daughter Molly as a toddler or an adult sock monkey. It depends on your perspective! All you will need to add is your own art or photos, and make sure to have a pair of scissors or a trimming board handy.


DIY Easy Keychain Peel n Stick Instant Recipe Supplies from

Supplies list: (1) 1228A-1KIT or (1) 1228A-10KIT  Each kit contains:

To make your personalized keychain:

  1. Choose your art or photo and trim to fit the jewelry base. (approx 1″ wide x 1.5″ tall).
  2. Cover and protect the top (picture side) of your art with 801Z laminating film by cutting a piece that is a little larger than your art, peeling off the backing and sticking the 801Z onto the “good” side of your art.
  3. Trim off any extra 801Z. Cut a piece of 800P double-sided adhesive film to fit the jewelry base. Peel the backing off one side of the film and stick into the base.
  4. Peel the other side of the backing from the film. (An exacto blade or pin can be helpful to get it started.) Stick the back side of the prepared art onto the sticky film pressing firmly once the art is in place.

Voila! You are ready to put your base onto the key ring!

This is an easy craft to do with groups, classrooms, troops or meetings as there are no liquid sealers or drying times involved. Great for quick holiday gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Grandparent’s Day! Christmas stocking stuffers – use last year’s Christmas photo or this year’s school pictures or pictures from Facebook or Instagram posts.

Here are just a few ideas – you could also put in a phrase (Keep calm and ….) or scrapbook or origami paper, or a monogram. We’ve collected a page on Pinterest of printable monograms if you go that route – see eCrafty’s Printable Monograms board on Pinterest here.

Sock Monkey Keychain ~ made from a mail order catalog picture of a sock monkey with our frame 1228A (holds a 1 x 1.5″ photo)
The Great Wave Key Chain
Keychain made from a trimmed mail order catalog picture of a The Great Wave. Made with frame 1228A (holds a 1 x 1.5″ photo) from
Antique Stamp Key Chain
Antique Stamp Key Chain made from a newspaper print of an antique stamp Made with frame 1228A (holds a 1 x 1.5″ photo) from
About the Designer: Anne Strasser


Meet Anne!  The Queen of Glue, she is the ultimate multi-tasker. She does all kinds of things for us at Writing. Creating. Blogging. Gluing things to things. More creating. Packing. Taking care of our wonderful customers, of course! When she’s not here, she’s out and about writing, creating, gluing things to things, blogging, gardening, making websites and taking care of her family.


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You will find many options for our MORE ways to make your own keychains at See our key chain kits, or pendant bases (round and rectangular) to make them your own.



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