DIY Go YOU! Jewelry Recipe NEW Feel Good Charms from

Kim made this “awesome” little necklace with our new double sided 900 series empowered words silver plated pewter charms. (lead-, nickel-, cadmium-free), attached it to one of our 1240W snake chains with the 6mm split jump ring included with every charm.

DIY Go YOU! Awesome Necklace from


She added a little bicone dangle for flourish. (thread a bicone or rondelle or glass pearl onto ball-end headpin, form a simple or wrapped top loop, attach to chain.

This is a GREAT make-ahead (necklace, wine charms, bracelets, anklets) for nearly any friend or family member – just match the charm to their personality, add their favorite color dangle with a pearl or a crystal, and call it brilliant! Use the whole set for craft night with the girls. (I can see the wine charms now!).



These are ours, exclusively, with MORE on the way ~ any phrase that pops into your head that you would like to wear? Let us know – at, we can make them for you in quantities as little as 100 pieces! Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

DIY Go YOU Jewelry Recipe with our NEW Empowered Charms from

Here’s some MORE easy necklace sample ideas below – made with our in-stock charms. These could just as easily be wine charms ….. sky’s the limit! 🙂


charmbrightneck3dangle charmcreativeneck3dangle charmgratefulneck3dangle charmhappyneck1dangle charmhohohoneck3dangle charmjoyfulneck1dangle charmlovedneck1dangle charmmerryneck3dangle charmstrongneck3dangle


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About the author & designer, Kim:


This is Kim. She is the owner of This is a terrible selfie – but, since she doesn’t take selfies, we just have to go with it. With some of her girlfriends on a good beach day.  If you can’t locate her, it’s probably because her labrador Blanche needs another Frisbee tossed to her right NOW. Just like her lab, she has a short attention span. She loves dabbling in just about anything that involves art or jewelry supplies. Writing. Creating. Blogging. Website making. Sourcing. Armchair Traveling.




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