DIY “From Farm … to Earrings” 2 Blown Glass Earrings Recipes from

I had a good chuckle recently as I passed by a billboard showing a trendy restaurant dinner with the headline “From Farm to Mouth”. The tagline “From farm to ….” seems to be everywhere these days … but have you heard of From farm to EAR rings yet?  Not yet? Thought not! Well, here you go! 🙂

Anne whipped up these really easy blown glass earrings using just a few items from


These could just as easily be Carmen Miranda earrings, it depends on which decade you were born in. Use your newsletter discount code this month to save 20% on any size order, and half off your entire order of $200 or more! See savings codes below, plan ahead for the holidays, join up with a friend, buy in bulk and save big!

From Farm to Ear Earrings DIY Recipe from
SKU 1385 A-G Assorted blown glass fruit and vegetable pairs
SKU 1558F 10pc Silver Plated Ear Wires (just 99 cents!)
SKU 1601K Silver Plated Jump Rings 100 pack

How to Make Them: (cinchy)
Open the jump ring (sideways, like an “s”).
Load the handblown glass loops through the jump ring.
Close the jump ring (reverse, closing the “s”).
Open bottom of ear wire.
Thread your loaded jump ring onto bottom of ear wire.
Close bottom of ear wire.
You’re done!

Here’s two similar set of earrings Anne whipped up, with pumpkins and Halloween in mind.

All the same basic materials as above, she swapped in our

About the Author: Designer Anne Strasser


This is Anne. She is the ultimate multi-tasker. She does all kinds of things for us at Writing. Creating. Blogging. Gluing things to things. More creating. Packing. Taking care of our wonderful customers, of course! When she’s not here, she’s out and about writing, creating, gluing things to things, blogging, gardening, making websites and taking care of her family.

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