DIY Alphabet Poster and Free Beach Printables from

Make your own summer poster with wooden letters and scrapbook paper! What’s your summer theme? Anne used our wooden alphabet beads to craft her summer message and then she just couldn’t stop. You could also use our resin alphabet beads. Or, click on the images below and use as free printables! These would make really cute notecards, postcards, or framed art.
DIY Alphabet Poster Recipe from
Your choice – scrapbook paper for background
To make this project: Anne simply spelled out her summer message on a piece of scrapbook paper with our SKU 1216D Wooden Alphabet Bead, added a charm from our SKU 1151 eCrafty’s 100pc Mega Mix Charm Mix and took a picture with her phone. You can use a paint program to edit and print the art.
What’s your inspiration? Make your own inspirational poster by mixing alphabet beads and charms. has MANY message charms and pendants to kick start your next inspired adventure – we stock over 60 styles now!

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