DIY Adventure Jar Recipe from

Adventures big and small start with a first step! Our darling new Adventure silver pewter charms can get you on your way! Here’s a crafty little idea jar that Anne came up with – a fun way to get you started on your next adventure.  Quick link to this post:
Our new adventure charms can be used as gift tags, gift cards, bottle markers, necklaces, charm bracelets, or any trick you might have up your sleeve. Here Anne used a perky retro stewardess from our Wings of the World Stickers collection, along with a mason jar and a simple chain and jump ring to attach our SKU 1510Z Adventure Charm. What’s on your horizon this month? I hear adventure calling!
DIY Adventure Jar Recipe from
Your choice – any ball jar, recycled glass jar, or recycled wine bottle
Our Vintage Repro Stickers or Vintage Travel – check under Vintage Airlines, Images for some great inspiration!
To make this project: Anne simply stuck the label image to the jar, strung her Adventure charm from a jump ring attached to our ball chain, and filled her jar with the beginnings of her inspiration for her next adventure!
What’s your inspiration? In addition to adventure, has MANY message charms and pendants to kick start your next inspired adventure – we stock over 60 styles now!

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