DIY Bali Beads & Pearls Bracelet Recipe from

At we love our Glass Pearl Lustre Beads. Affordable with a high-end look, pearls are always in style.
Tracy made these lovely bracelets using just 3 items from With a VERY short supplies list, this is a great starter project for any budding jewelry maker or crafting group.
DIY Bali Beads & Pearls Bracelet Recipe from

Tracy started with about 12″ of stretchy beading cord.  Using an alternating pattern, she threaded one 8mm glass pearl lustre beads in ivory and then one Bali spacer bead.

Most stretchy bracelets are between 7″ and 8″ long.  You can check the length of your bracelet with a ruler before tying your knot.

Tracy’s Tip:
A surgical knot and a drop of jeweler’s glue or e6000 adhesive applied with the head of a pin will secure your stretchy bracelet cord.

tracybwhitepearlbalibracivory9 stocks a large variety of charms for all themes and holidays.   How about flower charms for Spring, heart or “Love” charms or coffee & tea charms for Mother’s Day or Eiffel towers for Summer Travel?   There is no limit to the pretty themed combinations you can create.


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