Cascading Love, Rainy Days & Mondays ~ Typeset Message Pendants Recipe from

Zounds! Anne has been at it again! Things I never would put together turn out to be really intriguing once Anne or Cheryl gets hold of the supplies!

Anne created these cute mixed media pendants with a retro feel using our silver square charm bases, acrylic alphabet beads, nail polish (optional), and her new favorite item, 800P clear double-sided adhesive film.


Cascading Love, Rainy Days & Mondays ~ Typeset Message Pendants Recipe from Design by Anne Strasser

Materials from


How to make our Typeset Message Pendants:

  • If you want a color background, use nail polish in the pan of the 400P charm base.
  • After it is dry, put a square of our double sided adhesive into the base.
  • Both sides should be uncovered so it sticks to the base and provides a sticky suface for the letters.
  • Fit your letters where you want, pressing down firmly. Anne used 12 letters in both 1″ bases ~ see what you can spell out!
  • When you have your letters in place, cover any exposed 800P film in the charm base bottom (between the letters) with our Diamond Glaze and let dry. (Alternately, you can use e6000 clear permanent adhesive to glue the beads to the charm base).
  • Slip a ball chain necklace through the bail and your pendant is ready to wear!


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