DIY Chinese New Year Coin Jewelry Recipes from

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner.  Look what Cheryl created with just a few ingredients from


Cheryl made an irresistible Lucky Kitty bracelet (how can you NOT smile when you look at this?) with our Chinese Coin Charms SKUs 634J-634M with our Chain Maille Charm Bracelet SKU 1197D as the base.  She added our Lucky Kitty beads SKU 666 and some dangles of our Chalk Turquoise Tubes SKU 1749J.   To connect the components and complete her bracelet, she used Jump Rings SKU 1601ABali Daisy Spacers SKU 1503B and Head Pins SKU 1555SP.

DIY Lucky Kitty Asian Coin Charm Bracelet Recipe from

Next Cheryl made a Chinese New Year Necklace with our Chinese Coin Mix.

With just a couple of more products, Cheryl made this necklace too.

DIY Chinese New Years Charm Necklace Recipe from

Design and Beading Resources from

Chinese Coins at

Porcelain Beads at


Aqua Magnesite Beads http:


Thanks always, best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year! From all the busy crafters at!


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