DIY Monogram Key Chains from

Look what Anne made recently for her niece Elise from just s few pieces of scrapbook patterned paper, a little sealer, and rectangular pendant bases from See our basic recipe, samples, and supply list below to make them your own!

DIY Monogram Key Chain Recipe from Design by Anne Strasser

These key chains turned out very well! I used our 800P double-sided adhesive to adhere a piece of scrapbook paper into our 1227A photo frame (or use 1226A photo frame so you don’t need a jump ring). Next I stuck on a “J” sticker and then I filled the frame with our 3D crystal lacquer (2 coats, drying between coats) to seal and protect the art. Use a jump ring to connect it to our 1241M key rings or use it as a pendant.


Thanks always, best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday time. From all the busy elves at! Save 20% through the end of November with cart coupon code NOV2013.

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