DIY Custom Monogram Bamboo Tile Pendant, Free Printable Monograms Link from

FREE printable monograms available on Pinterest Board here:

Here’s another quick and FUN pendant idea from Anne ~ The letter “A” (for Anne!). She used an “A” from her perfume box label and made this bamboo domino tile pendant in a jiffy. This would also make a great package topper, to from gift tag, or ornament. See our easy DIY below.


Our double-drilled bamboo tile pendants are perfect little canvases for your art scraps, printouts, or photos.

Custom Bamboo Tile Pendant Recipe from Design by Anne Strasser

FREE printable monograms available on Pinterest Board here:

  1. Anne started with one of our double drilled bamboo domino tiles in black.
  2. She used a scrap from a perfume box for her “A”. Applied to the tile with either e-6000 adhesive or 3D Crystal Lacquer. You could use a magazine scrap, wrapping paper, a photo or printout, last year’s holiday cards, etc.
  3. She embellished with evergreen leaves from her garden, sealed with either Clear e_6000 adhesive or 3D Crystal Lacquer.
  4. She strung on 1.5 to 2mm cording to match. Our  She finished with a simple square knot.
  5. She embellished the cord with a few coordinating beads ~ here Anne used assorted beads from our Black Jewelry Maker’s Mix.


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