DIY Holiday Sugar Plum Fairy Bamboo Tile Ornament from

Richelle created this sweet Christmas ornament with a few supplies from It makes me want to run out and get my Christmas tree NOW so I can put this on it 🙂 ! See our Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Recipe below.


Sugar Plum Fairy Red Bamboo Ornament Recipe from Design by Richelle Simms

nailnippers1Big crafting HINT! One of our favorite go to supplies here in our office is a pair of nail nippers.

You can easily remove the top of most small charms to make a totem or metal symbol for all kinds of crafts.

We also love nail nippers for getting in super close to trim off wire edges on jewelry and earring wrapped loops.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday time. From all the busy elves at! Save 20% through the end of November with cart coupon code DEC2014.

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