DIY Crafts on the Go! Runway-Inspired Tray Pendants


Recently, we celebrated my son’s birthday at Six Flags. It was a great day filled with lots of silly touristy things.

Late in the afternoon, while I was waiting for the teens to finish their death-defying roller coastering, I went back to the car and made these Runway-Inspired Tray Pendants!

I brought the supplies with me that day knowing that they would outlast me! 🙂

I used a 412A 10pack of our rectangular pendant trays with glass tile tops, a sheet of our double-sided adhesive film 800P, some scissors, and some magazines.

Flipping through my magazines, I found a spread from “W” ~ featuring Tom Ford’s 2013 Fall Show.  It had the perfect tall thin proportions for our 412A-10PACK rectangle pendants.

  1. I peeled back the liner on one side of the clear double-adhesive film, and pressed down the glass tile on top of the film.
  2. I trimmed around the edge of the adhesive-filmed glass tile.
  3. I peeled and stuck the adhesive-backed glass tile to the picture.
  4. I trimmed around the edge of the glass tile again.
  5. Then I repeated the process, to get my glass tile with adhesive back.
  6. Then I stuck to finished glass tile to the tray pendant base.

I got this far before they finished up their rides! It took me a little bit of experimenting, but once I got it, the process was nearly instant.

I have yet to embellish these, (next post) but I’m envisioning a little wire wrap, a little beaded dangle or two …. still working out the details.  Changing out the cords will change the look of these quite a bit.

I encourage you to try this film with any of‘s  tray pendants and glass top combinations. It is very easy to work with, and you end up with a nice weight glass tile pendant without waiting for the sealer to dry. Since it is a thin film, you can also layer collage elements directly onto the adhesive side of the film. Really fun!

This is a great option for crafters who are working with groups (easier than liquid sealers for beginners) or those who don’t have the time to wait for clear sealers to dry, or do not want to experiement with ink jet vs. laser jet vs. photo paper just to make a pendant. This technique works for ANY art, photo, printout, scrapbook paper, drawing, clipping, etc.  was also thinking this would be a great technique for craft fairs or fund raisers – any place you’d like to make semi-custom glass-topped jewelry on the go.

I hope you’ll give it a try ~ I had a lot of fun whipping these up!

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