Easy Back to Nature Necklaces ~ DIYs from eCrafty.com

ImageWe always wish we had just a little more time to share more of the fun jewelry making supplies we have around here!

We just remixed our newest batch of our customer favorites, 1151 Charms Mega Mix.

Before I could turn around, our crafty Becky had already made these beautiful, breezy necklaces with just a few of our charms and our simple organza cords and a bag of our 1501Q silver jump rings Mega Mix.

This is a project for any level crafter or jewelry maker. Great idea for groups, slumber parties, troops,  or craft night! Just open your jump ring like an “s”, thread through the charm, close the “s” again to close the jump ring. The hardest part of this project is picking which charms to use!


Our 1151 Mega Charms Mix is a constantly changing mix of over 100 lead, nickel and cadmium-free themed charms – really fun for quick jewelry and other crafts. We also have themed charm 10 packs which you can find here: http://www.ecrafty.com/c-1-charms-pendants.aspx.


eCrafty.com Supply list: 368 Organza Cords, 1151 Mega Charms Mix, (or any of our themed charm 10 packs,) 1501Q Mega Jump Rings Assortment + You!

You can save 20% on everything in your cart, every time you shop at eCrafty.com, with a simple Newsletter subscription ~ free and instant sign up herehttp://www.emailcontact.com/nl/nl-subscribe.php?bus_id=2509&list_id=25394


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