The Gift is in the Giving ~ How to Fold an Origami Gift Box

ImageI don’t know about you, but I had the best Mother’s Day ever. Among the many wonderful things that I shared with my family over that weekend, was a bracelet that my son Nick gave to me, within a beautifully folded origami box. I really couldn’t decide which I liked better, as the bracelet was gorgeous. But thinking about it still, it’s the love that went into the box itself that I treasure the most.

So, I’m bringing you a little snippet of gift giving goodness for those of you who are crafty enough to rise to this challenge.

Here are the instructions for folding a 6-sided woven origami box.

Do NOT be dismayed! You only need 6 equal sized pieces of paper. And a little patience. Once you get the first piece folded, repeat 5 times and link them together to form a cube.

ImageThere are many easier versions of a folded origami cube, but the finished version of this woven style is just divine – it looks like a sculpture when it’s completed. Also, you can open one panel and still leave the box intact, ready to gift again!

I liked this little origami box so much that I built a Pinterest board around it. If you’re interested, here’s more folded examples to try for your lucky friends! This cube can be folded at 1/4 scale to make earrings and jewelry.

See more examples here at’s Origami Gift Box board:

And if you need something to fill your lovely gift box, visit us at for beads and craft supplies (things you might make to put inside your creation)!

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Have FUN and happy creating (and gifting) from all of us at! (pictured: my 4-legged daughter)……


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