DIY Typewriter Key Jewelry, Magnets + A Free Typewriter Key Alphabet Printable Download

We made our Typewriter key  jewelry charms and Typewriter Key Finger Rings, using just a few of our newest charm blanks, domes and this month’s Freebie 1″ Typewriter Key Alphabet Printable. (click to open).  Plan ahead – attached to a charm bracelet or hung from a chain or ribbon, these make easy, fun & personalized holiday gifts.
1. Faux Typewriter Key Charms (click image above)
Our customer favorite 18mm silver charm bases and matching domes just arrived – 415A-10PACK – 18mm – dime size – just about typewriter key size – perfect for faux typewriter art jewelry and monogram jewelry.
See our FREE Monogram Printables board on Pinterest – another great way to use these for charms, magnets, rings! 
2. Faux Typewriter Key Rings (click to enlarge)
Try our finger ring shanks and 16mm domes – actual typewriter key size – perfect for faux typewriter art jewelry and monogram rings.
How to Make Typewriter Jewelry Using our Glass Domes and Charm bases:

1. Print this month’s Freebie 1″ Typewriter Key Alphabet Printable at 30% of actual size. 2. Add a small dollop of e6000 adhesive to printout. 3. Press glass dome or glass tile down firmly for a thin, bubble-free seal. 4. Speed dry in your microwave (1 min, 10% power) or oven (250 degrees) briefly. 5. Trim around the glass edge with sharp scissors, 6. Dry fully. (Back in the oven or let sit overnight).  7. Glue your art dome into the rimmed base – perfect fit, perfectly finished charm! 
Use our  Freebie  1″ Typewriter Key Alphabet Printable for the jewelry samples shown here, or print out slightly larger and punch out 1″ circles too ~ use with our bottle cap pendants and magnets !

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