Faux Dichroic Glass Tiles Made with Nail Polish from eCrafty.com

Faux dichro effect ~ flood/float a substantial amount of dark colored nail polish on the top surface of our 302F or 302G glass tiles. Drop (one drop at a time) ~  glitter nail polish on top while the dark base is still fully wet. Experiment! Seal with clear coat nail polish or Krylon Gloss spray when dry. Let dry fully.   We have 302F-20pc SECONDS quality glass tiles which are perfect for this project as the TOP of the glass is being fully covered – find our 20pc glass tile SECONDS here:

We love this idea! We’ve all been experimenting with nail polish on glass tiles but our amazing Becky (let’s hear it for the art majors!) really got the technique down when she flooded the surface with/floated a thick layer of very dark grey or black nail polish onto our 303G or 302F glass tiles, followed immediately by dropping glittered nail polish onto the wet base coat.

We have lots of glass tile shapes you can find here!


We also have 2nd Quality glass tiles which are perfect for this project as you are covering the TOP of the glass – find our 20pc glass tile SECONDS here: http://www.ecrafty.com/p-3866-20-seconds-glass-craft-tiles-clear-squares-1-25mm-diy-jewelry-fridge-magnets.aspx

The result? Pretty close to dichroic! Anne (art major wanna be) embellished more, (but of course!) adding some cupcake decorating techniques by dragging a pin head through the floating polish for swirls and feather patterns.

Add a glue-on bail to the back, perhaps seal the front with clear nail polish or Krylon matte or gloss spray varnish, and you’ve got a ready to wear art glass pendant.

Take these finished tiles and e6000 the backs into our square or round pendant bases for a cool finished pendant.

Glass tiles: http://www.ecrafty.com/c-710-glass-craft-tiles.aspx
Pendant bases: http://www.ecrafty.com/c-662-photo-jewelry-bases.aspx?pagenum=&section=&SearchTerm=&sortBy=pricedescending&pageSize=20
Pendant/charm kits: http://www.ecrafty.com/c-215-photo-jewelry-kits.aspx?pagenum=&section=&SearchTerm=&sortBy=pricedescending&pageSize=20
Adhesives: http://www.ecrafty.com/c-638-adhesives-glazes.aspx
Nail polish: get to your nearest drugstore and start your creative engines!

Glass tile seconds for this project can be found at eCrafty.com with this link:


Have FUN and happy creating! From all of us at eCrafty.com!

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  1. […] To make into a pendant: Seal the front with clear nail polish or Krylon matte or gloss spray varnish, let dry fully. Then, either: Add a glue-on bail to the back or e6000 your finished tile right into one of our square or metal bases 1241, 1242, 1239, 1240 and you’ve got a ready to wear art glass pendant. See our Faux Dichroic Nail Polish Glass Tile Gallery here: […]


  2. My name is Theresa Staats. This is one of the best and most creative ideas that I have ever done. Not only have I done this on the square tiles but you can also do it on the round ones also. They have all come out beautiful. I actually had one that came out in the shape of a heart!!!!! I even had my 9 year old granddaughter get involved with she is making a floor for her Littlest Pet Shop movies that she does!! Please keep these great ideas coming!! Thank you again.


    • Hi Theresa! Thank you! That is great to hear! I love your grandaughter’s floor/miniatures idea too ~ how cute! If I had more time, I could get really side tracked by this whole process … different polishes behave differently on the glass surface and also with each other – the only thing we’ve learned is to start in a well-ventilated area 🙂 Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to share your ideas with us here!


  3. Love this but question….. could you actually still tile with grout and stuff with this technique? Just curious thought a back splash in a teens bathroom would be really neat to do like this because let’s face it nobody ever uses nail polish to the bottom of the bottle at home


    • Wow! I love that idea! We have successfully made glass tile jewelry from our finished pendants – the faux dichro technique is actually applied to the TOP of the glass tile. So, I would think they would work as a backsplash but you would have to apply a water proof clear coat (not sure of brand but hardware store would know) that would seal without interfering with the nail polish (for instance, a sealant that is acetone-free). I guess your best bet is to do some samples, attach to wood or metal with e-6000 or silicone caulk, and then apply a few clear sealants to test. Leave it in the bathroom and observe! 🙂 Hope this is helpful! Thanks again, Kim N. at eCrafty.com


  4. ohhhhh…. love this another great idea ,done this with water marbling and actually painted on images on the backs of round glass pebbles to make pendants but could never get this look just right. Now that I visually see how it turned out think I might try it again … time to break out my stash of square, rectangle, and round tile glass pieces and try again. Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Yes, great minds think alike! I worked on a series of water marbling with nail polish on the back of our glass tiles earlier this summer – I have yet to complete the whole post but it was really fun – and after several attempts it actually started to be rewarding too! Thanks for posting here and happy creating from all of us at eCrafty.com

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