3 New Convertible Bracelet to Necklace DIYs to Try from eCrafty.com

Here are 3 fun bracelet designs that do double duty as necklaces – New DIYs from our APR 2013 newsletter! See the entire issue here!

Cinco de Mayo Red Hot Chili Peppers Convertible Bracelet/Necklace.

Cheryl made this combo in honor of Cinco de Mayo using our hand-blown chili pepper lampwork beads, and one the one below ~ using our blue confetti beads and 1151 Charms Mega Mix below. So inspiring!

Closeup, Cheryl’s convertible bracelet to necklace, Cinco de Mayo Chili Peppers

Summer Splash Aqua Confetti Charm Bracelet/Necklace Combination

Here Cheryl mixed our confetti and watercolor splash beads on our longer headpins, mixed with our 1155 bali style beads mix, our 1151 Mega Charms Mix, and some of our new crystal rondelles for a summery fun aqua jewelry creation. She switched out the lobster clasps for our magnetic ends and now she can wear this as either a bracelet or a necklace. Gorgeous!

Convertible bracelet to necklace combination by Cheryl Satterlee using our Confetti and Watercolor Glass beads

Convertible Crystal Rainbow Bracelet to Necklace Combo

Closeup of Cheryl’s Rainbow Rondelle Crystal Convertible Bracelet to Necklace

Cheryl loves all things sparkly. So when we got in our new mix of crystal faceted rondelles 100 packs, SKU 606 A,B,C in a rainbow of colors, she went to town making a new convertible necklace and bracelet. Click on any picture for a closeup.

Cheryl chose our charm bracelet SKU 1199G with small links as the base for her crystal dangles.

She used our new ball end headpins SKUs 1506E, F, G  to attach the rondelles to the chain, two per link. Her pattern was a rainbow of beads with crystal clear at the center.

Adding our crystal faceted drop SKU 433.23 at the center was a final touch. Cheryl wanted this creation to be both a bracelet and a necklace. So she exchanged the lobster clasp for our magnetic clasp SKU 1729. She also put  a magnetic clasp on our bright silver ball chain SKU 1240Z.

Now she can wear these rainbow crystals as a necklace or a bracelet. How FUN is that?

There are MANY variations on this interchangeable bracelet/necklace idea – Share your designs or ideas with us!info@ecrafty.com.


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