Crystal Faceted Rainbow ~ Convertible Bracelet and Necklace DIY from


Cheryl loves all things sparkly. So when we got in our new mix of crystal faceted rondelles SKU 606A,B,C in a rainbow of colors, she went to town making a new necklace/bracelet. Cheryl chose our charm bracelet SKU 1199G with small links as the base for her crystal dangles. She used our new ball end headpins SKUs 1506E, F, G  to attach the rondelles to the chain, two per link. Her pattern was a rainbow of beads with crystal clear at the center. Adding our crystal faceted drop SKU 433.23 at the center was a final touch. Cheryl wanted this creation to be both a bracelet and a necklace. So she exchanged the lobster clasp for our magnetic clasp SKU 1729. She also put  a magnetic clasp on our bright silver ball chain SKU 1240Z. Now she can wear these rainbow crystals as a necklace or a bracelet. How FUN is that?f

There are MANY variations on this idea – this is just a kickstarter for many more designs to come! Share yours with us!

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