5 New DIYs: Altered Sea Glass, Flying Pigs, Mini Bottle Amulets, Wired Love!

Well, we’ve been having a lot of fun with our supplies again!

1. Sea Glass View Finder Pebbles.  This technique has some great jewelry possibilities as well as gift applications! Check it out!

How to: Anne added two layers of 3D Crystal Lacquer (let dry between layers) to the top side of our sea glass pebbles. Keep the bubbles if they form for an underwater effect.

Pop the bubbles if they form by dragging the end of a headpin or safety pin, even a chopstick through the glaze.

For the focal image, she sealed a printout (in this case, an ocean scene) to the bottom with 3D Crystal Lacquer. It forms a beautiful porthole or see-thru window.

2. Sea Glass Message Pebbles/Pendants
Kim has been experimenting with her old faithful HP LaserJet 1200. It is a toner (not ink jet) printer which produces heat-set black toner images.

This technique also has some great jewelry possibilities – both on our sea glass pebbles and our craft glass tiles. Detailed instructions available on our eCraftyBlog1 or eCraftyBlog2.

Make it a pendant! For either of these transfer/altered techniques – by adding a bail to the back with e6000, you’ve got an incredibly interesting pendant possibility.

What do you think? How can you use this technique in your jewelry and crafting? Let us know – We’d love to hear your ideas!

3. When Pigs Fly! Embellished Necklace  Kim created this little gem in under a minute from our 633NECK finished Flying Pig Necklace by adding just a little 4mm pink crystal bicone dangle on a headpin. You can also get JUST the flying pig charms 633 here.

4. Wired Love Wow! Look what our friend and away at college co-worker Hannah made with wire (2 gauges) and our 4mm glass pearls 446MIX200 (200pc 4mm glass pearls ~ a customer favorite).

More photos available on our eCraftyBlog1 or eCraftyBlog2.. Are you inspired yet?

Thank you for sharing these great creations Hannah! We’re so inspired that we might have to stop everything and go try these! 🙂

5. Mini Bottle Amulets Anne & Kim have been playing with the mini bottles, again!

We got some dramatic results by hanging a very small charm from our Charm Mega Mix 100 Pack, (in this case, baby angel wing or shell or key or seahorse) from the underside of our mini bottles 1200V-10PACK or 1200J-10PACK the cork with just a headpin. Left to dangle this makes for some simply beautiful jewelry pieces.

You can built on any of these with beaded dangles, word charms, wire wrapping, mini-notes, you name it!

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As always, have FUN, and happy creating! Hope to “see” you soon at eCrafty.com!



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