5 Quick DIY Gifts: Instant Photo Keychains, Glass Dome Pendants, Fillable Keepsake Ornaments, 1 Minute Cable Bracelets

We’re bringing you five different gift ideas to make in UNDER 5 minutes – how’s THAT for a good thing? No one will ever guess how little time they took ~ all are sure to be welcomed, personalized gifts!

1. “Believe” Glass Dome Necklace with Bicone Dangles

https://i1.wp.com/d3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net/53000610/images/amhsxmasbelieveredgreen2.jpgAnne’s festive “Believe” necklace is shown here, made with our Believe domes SKU 413B-WORD10pc., our 20mm charm bases 1236-10pack, a few crystal bicones looped on headpins and trimmed with nail nippers, and a little e6000 to glue the word dome to the charm base. Hang from our ball chain necklaces,snake chains, or festive organza colored neck cordsto finish.

2. Try our Fillable Domes as Seasonal Ornaments or Keepsake Time Capsules!
We are constantly finding new uses for our fillable domes. 

Anne made this cool deconstructed wreath with assorted berries and evergreen pieces from her yard.

Our domes SKU 299 can be hung from ribbons on and displayed on your wall, hung from the tree, added toppers for gift boxes, gift holders for money or checks.

Our fillable domes can also work very well as photo ornaments. Punch out a 1″ or 2″ photo, place in the middle, close it up. Make it 2 sided in a snap. Super quick. You might consider copying some old family photos and using them as inserts – a simple and welcomed family gift!

We also noticed this darling idea on Pinterest that I just had to share – a time capsule Santa list ~ Kids’ Christmas list in an ornament with the year. It would be so cool to go back and see what the children asked for years ago. So cute!

Anne found that can string these end to end, garland style, by aligning the domes head to toe so that each side has a linkable top hole. Very cool!

3. Make an Instant Photo Key Chain!
Out of time? We have some nearly instant  ways to help you make a perfect custom photo keychain – from the easy peel n stick frame kits (shown above), to our slide in fancy frames (below)  to our use our metal bases with glass dome tops. You can even use last year’s photo greeting cards for extra family photos in a hurry!  These same epoxy covers can be used in our 1″ charm and pendant bases for instant and and photo pendant jewelry.

See all of our Key Chains here! 

4. Try our Cable Bracelets for Quick Gifts!
Anne put this bracelet together in under a minute using our cable bracelet base, our large holed millefiori beads, and our bali style pewter spacers. The ends of our cable bracelets screw off, making them easy to thread beads on and use for a variety of designs!

5. Make a Custom Heart Shaped Glass Tile Pendant (or Fridge Magnet)
Use 3D Crystal Lacquer for print outs, or e6000 for real photos, apply a small amount of glue on back side of our heart glass dome. Press down firmly, wipe excess glue from edge. Trim carefully and let dry fully. Brush same sealer on back side of your glass dome and let dry fully again.

Add a glue on bail with e6000 and let dry fully again. Or, add a magnet for a really cute fridge magnet.

The “let dry” part of this project is the time consuming part. You might want to speed things along with a quick trip in a low-temp (250 degree) oven. (Not the microwave).


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