5 Fun DIYs with our Fillable Ornaments, Bottles & Charms!

Here’s some  fresh  ideas for creating  easy person-alized fillable gifts you can be working on NOW for heart felt gifts this holiday season!

1. Fillable Acrylic Ornaments and Gift Holders  
Look at this sweet creation! Anne used our Black White Squares downloadable art sheet as the background, with one of our 1606w Eiffel Tower and our dream charms.The 1″ smaller size dome is pictured. She added a picture from the web & secured it with Crystal Lacquer. Find more info on our product page here. We have just begun to play with these – photos, baby’s first Christmas, interior gilding, glitter, wire wrapping, glue the outside with pearls, fill the inside with a jewelry making kit and loose beads for a gift in an ornament….metallic sharpies or ournew glass markers on the outside – just a ton of ideas spring to mind …try some!

2. Wish and Dream Keeper Jars  Anne made these from some of our mini bottles, our wish and dream charms (we have many message charms) a jump ring and some dandelion seeds (free ~ if you don’t have any, you can borrow some of mine!)

We were inspired from several Etsy and Pinterest pins! These little bottles and word charm combos can be made into necklaces, glued closed and used on charm bracelets, filled with fairy dust, baby teeth, sand, wedding rice, etc. All with matching message charms.

Bottled Sunshine, one of our all-time favorites made by our talented friend and co-worker Hannah Greenberg.
Hannah used office highlighters on our black and white downloadable art sheet printouts, then rolled them up and tucked them very carefully inside our 1200 series 1″ mini bottles. The effect is incredible – from a little rolled up paper scrap you can customize any mini bottle into an art pendant in any color you can imagine!

4. Bali Beaded Fairy Dust or Tooth Fairy Bottles Here’s a fun little set bali-style bead cap embellished mini bottles that Anne just cooked up one day. Once you start putting these together, it’s hard to stop!. Made with our1200 series mini bottles and 1153 deluxe bead cap mix. Click for a closeup and watch out – these are great for little tooth fairy bottles, fairy dust, birthday mementos, princess favors & tiny sparkly treasures!

5. Mini terrarium jewelry 
Look what Becky and Anne made with our 1200L and 1204M mini bottles!  Becky used our smallest size to showcase her incredibly sculpted miniature mushrooms, while Anne used moss/lichen from her yard to make these wonderful charms/pendants.

6. Mini Bottle Piglet Charm ~ Customize with color! Our friend and coworker (and college-bound this fall!) Hannah fell in love with our mini bottle pigletsand quickly filled one with our $1 pink seed bead mix 417. The result? A near-instant, custom-colored pig charm! Seriously, there’s no such thing as a bad day with one of these nearby.

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