Make Quick Typewriter Key Jewelry Charms with our Prepunched Typewriter Art & Matching Charm Bases+Glass Domes



  1. I am very interested in making these for myself… where can I purchase that Prepunched typewriter key sheets and the other supplies?


      • Hi Barbara – unfortunately, they were discontinued by the manufacturer! Happens to some of our favorite things sometimes, our apologies! Happy New Year! Kim N, Customer Care,


    • Hi Barbara – just a quick note – the prepunched sheets have been discountinued by the manufacturer, but we DO have downloadable typewriter art (download, print out, punch out with a 5/8″ punch) and 15mm charm bases, or 18mm charm bezel bases with matching glass domes. You can find them at our website in the photo jewelry kits section or charm bases sections here:


      • Thank you so much for your reply. I am still very interested in making these and will check out the information that you gave me. Thank you again for your quick response! I really appreciate it. Barb Beach, BBDesigns


  2. maybe there shouldn’t be this video available if the components that make it aren’t available… or at least until components are found


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