Microwave Your Way to Quick and Easy Glass Tile Jewelry + FREEBIE Cherry Blossoms Alphabet

Love is in the air and we have a sweet FEB Freebie for you!  Our new Cherry Blossom alphabet – fit for 1″ glass tiles and our small ovals. The light background works with either squares or circles. Open the file here – right click to “save as” to your computer. Your printer setting should be “fit to print” or print at 8.5×11 letter size. You can also import into MS Word and scale to letter size. Happy creating!

Here’s some great quick crafts using some of our 60 + NEW items for Jan/Feb

We also have a section devoted to Valentines.  . We hope you enjoy these tips!

My best ideas seem to come to me at the last minute. So, I’m usually pacing while my glass tile art is drying. Sound familiar? Well, I’ve just crossed this last-minute frustation off of my list:

Here’s how to stop ink jet art from running under glass domes and tiles while the sealer is curing..

The secret is as close as your microwave!

Take a few of our glass tiles or glass domes. Cover the back 1/2 the surface area with thin layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer. Press firmly onto your photo or print out and swirl lightly to get a thin seal, bubble free.

 Microwave your sealed art (glass ONLY no metal) on low for 3 minutes. Repeat. Finish for a minute or two on medium.

Your customized glass tile will be fully dry and ready to glue into one of our many bezel cups, pendant, charm bases or key rings. You’re done!

To review, here’s the magic steps to working with our favorite sealer, 3D Crystal Lacquer, for all of your glass tile and glass dome jewelry and craft projects:

  • Apply thin layer 3D Crystal Lacquer on center 1/2 to 2/3s of the back of the tile
  • Then do the smoosh down and swirl around to get a thin layer with no bubbles.
  • COOK them in the microwave on low, several rounds, several minutes.
  • This keeps the ink jet ink from saturating the paper and prevents running.
  • Glue into our bezels, charm bases, pendant bases, key chain forms, or apply a magnet to the back with a small dollop of our e6000 craft adhesive.
    Glue into any of our charm, pendant bases or bezels with e6000 adhesive. Think ahead – great for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day! Easy for children to make!

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