Whimsical PolyClay Beaded Women and Mini Bottles!


We’ve just restocked our very popular Whimsical Women Poly Clay Handmade Beads, and we’ve added some really fun mini glass bottles – they’re been all over the craft channels lately with tons of different uses. Our mini bottles are available in 2, 10
 , or 25 packs – they’re great for storing our new collection of encased glass seed beads or our Matsuno “e” beads in style. Very stable – they stand upright on their own. They’re great fun to play with – Stick an eye pin through the top cork along  with beads of choice and you’ve got an instant place holder, desk buddy, or a just for fun arty pendant or hanging decoration.

 Our talented friends Anne Strasser and her mom Janet Hyland made these really cool beaded lady samples with some of our fimo lady heads, bottles, eye pins, jewelry maker’s mix and Matsuno “e” beads. Click images for detailed view. These would be incredibly fun for a ladies night (in?) , a wedding shower, or craft night. Which one are YOU?
See more at Rubber Nation Crafts and soon, very soon, eCrafty.com!


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