>Warning! Can Become Habit Forming! Make Instant Photo, Collage Jewelry with our New Memory Frame Minis!

>We’re very excited about our new Memory Frame Minis (10 and 25pc Value/Bulk packs available – see product detail pages) instant photo and collage charms! After giving them a try, Anne e-mailed that these mini frames are so much fun they’re dangerous!  You be the judge! We are having immense fun exploring the design possibilities. What has us won over in addition to their extremely wearable size, is how easy they are to use. Each frame has a doubled piece of acetate in the center. You slide the acetate out, slide your art into it, and slide the whole thing back in the frame. Voila! You’re done.
Although we’d never think of giving up our Weldbond or 3D Crystal Lacquer, using these charms completely eliminates drying times. Your art is framed and ready to wear instantly. (You can use one of our downloadable collage sheets and one of our matching craft punches for instant inspiration). Another big plus is that once you make your piece of jewelry, you can easily change the art in the frames to match your mood or your outfit, and, as sometimes happens, you don’t quite like how the art looks, just take it out and try again. Excellent!
Another thing we like about them is that you don’t have to have the art perfectly trimmed before inserting. You can get it the approximate size, put it in the acetate, and then trim to fit using scissors. I was playing with them yesterday and was having such fun that I didn’t get any housework done at all.

Some of the samples we show here are a bracelet made using chiyogami paper (a fancy origami paper), inserted into our 17mm squares with loops on 2 sides (103D) and our closed loop 6mm jump rings (806K and 806L) For a 6.5″ wrist, 6 frames with 1 jump ring between each and a lobster clasp will create a bracelet that is a perfect fit.
I recently bought seeds from Botanical Interests Seed Company and was struck by how beautiful the seed packets are. Shrunk about 80% and put in the 17mm 2 loop frames, they make a pretty little bracelet. Rather than using 6 frames, I used four and then strung some of our jump rings together to make a length of chain to fit and added a lobster clasp. I’m ready for a garden party.
We have a french exchange student staying with us and she made a necklace with chiyogami paper, by attaching one 103D 17mm 2 loop square frame and one 1″ 103C square frame and hanging them from a chain.
A different chiyogami paper pattern made me think of Gaugin, so I used 5 103D, strung 4 together for a necklace, dangled the fifth from the jump ring between number 2 and 3 and hung some of our Czech crystal leaves (1386D) from them. Terribly tropical.
Feeling a little musical? How about a pair of earrings and matching necklace?
The sky’s the limit? I made one with clouds. Botanticals are all the rage? Copy a piece of fern, reduce to fit and add a band of our magnesite puffed pillow beads with our tiny silver spacers (541a).
I had to stop playing to get some other things done, but when I have time again (and it doesn’t take much), I am going to cut up the cover of the May 2010 issue of “O” Magazine and make something beautifully floral.

 About the designer: Our friend and coworker Anne Strasser is always busy! When she’s here she channels her inner Martha big time! Otherwise, she’s mom to two lovely daughters and enjoys cooking up a storm and crafting with whatever crosses her path! She’s one crafty force of nature!
About our Memory Frame Minis: We stock these mini frames and inserts in four sizes: .75″ and 1″ squares with top loops, and .75″ squares with 2 loops for connecting as bracelet components or pendants, as well as .65 x .85″ (16x22mm) rectangles ~ good for word and message charms.
Coordinates with our 1″ craft/paper punches and our growing selection of downloadable art sheets. We like to secure the artwork on the inside with a drop of 3D Crystal Lacquer, Weldbond or Diamond Glaze. Complete the look with one of our jump rings, organza cords, charm bracelets, cords, chains or wires. Plan ahead! This is a wonderful idea for Mother’s Day, holiday presents, jewelry and ornaments!
Newsletter subscribers exclusive savings: Use promo code 410NEWS to take 20% off your entire order between now and April 30th! Newsletter subscribers exclusive savings:  If you’re not yet on our list, Just click here to join our e-news and savings list and start saving now!


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